Friday, 22 November 2013

So... Everyone is Starting to Talk About Their Life/Dreams, eh?

Hello. It's been a while since my last post.
So, i'm a bit thrilled when i knew that my friend is auditioning for Indonesian Idol. I'm happy for her! You can vote her here if you want, it means a lot to her. Another friends of mine are graduated yesterday. I'm happy for them as well! It's about time when they're pursuing their life/dream and entering the grown-up's world.

So what is/are my dream(s)?

Well, maybe some of my friends have noticed my dreams. Okay, it's 'dreams', so it means i have a lot of it (dream). I have told to some of my friends about my dreams. And my dreams are my life i've been craving on in the future.

It's not about being an office slacker.
Or maybe a high position in an accounting office (what? hell no!)
It's simple. VERY simple. I wanna be noticed by the world because of what i love to do.

I do photography, so i wanna be well-known as a photographer. Maybe a fashion photographer. I don't know (yet).
I do illustrations, so i wanna be well-known as an illustrator. Maybe a fashion illustrator. I don't know (yet).
I do designs, so i wanna be well-known as a designer. Maybe a graphic designer, or fashion designer. I don't know (yet).

See? Research says that creative people earn more money than smart people! That's why i don't wanna spend my days as a grown-up in the office. Well, maybe i will, but i prefer in a Design Office or something. As long as i love of what i'd be working on.

And one last thing :

I'd prefer to be paid in small amounts for something-i-love rather than i should be forced on something-i-don't-like for a big fee.

Hey i love that quotes! CMIIW.

So, people, my fellow friends. Please do concern about yourself once again, for all of what we're about to risk on our own life. We only live once, so don't waste it for something you don't earn the passion. Cheers!

Monday, 18 November 2013

"Feels-Like-Monday" Tuesday

Actually, i'm in my internship program right now and i don't hate Monday at all. I use the term 'Monday' because most of people think that the day is the hardest of the week. I don't think so. (That) Monday can come EVERYDAY! *sigh*

So, last night i was excited in designing this blog and i'm still wide awake until dawn. I finished it soon after i took my pray and went to bed around 6.00 a.m. God, how tiring is that? I slept, and suddenly my sister rushed into my room. Only to ask these questions :

"How's your internship program going so far?"

"Why do you act like you don't care at all?"

"Why do you sleep all the time?"

"Are you planning on dropping out college by being like this?"

Seriously?! I just closed my eyes about ONE HOUR AGO and she came in just to ask those questions, so that mom would come in to scold me too?!

The story begins here :
So as an Informatics student, i should take the internship program as a requirement to be graduated. The informatics students don't do the usual internship programs. We, should create something for the office that we applied the internship program. Webs, Apps, etc. As a gratitude for welcoming us as an internship student. I applied to my part-time office, one of the biggest local media in my state. And it's not a big deal until now.

What makes my beloved sister, and my mom, scold me at once is they found me slacking all the time. It's like i'm not focused on my study and playing all day long.


Can you hear it mom? I also wanna be graduated. Wearing my graduation robe, having a graduation photoshoot with you, dad, and my beloved sister. I wanna make my dreams come true sooner as it can. And many others.
I don't slacking on purpose. I do care about my internship. If only you guys could understand how the procedure works, you'll never scold at me like that anymore.

Trust me, people. I'm doing it on my way. Also, thanks a lot for taking care at me. I know you guys scolding at me on purpose. Because you guys do care. Thanks in advance. I'll fight for the best!

The First Words

Hell to the O! Greetings. Name's Zailanie Fiqrie Yudhistira. Used to be called 'Fiqrie', or 'Zailanie', or whatever it takes as long as i notice y'all when you call me. I don't know how many blogs i started until today. It's like, i wanna write and i don't. Hot and Cold. Yeah, i'm a moody person by the way. Not that a writer-type also. But, well, just let me write (whenever i wanna write).
I'm still a college student. Informatics Engineering, senior year (please don't ask what semester i am now). I do photography, illustrations, graphic and fashion designs. Let's say i do 'Fashion' in many ways. All i did was related to fashion, yet, my dreams are too. To be honest, i wanna be a FASHION photographer, or FASHION illustrator, or a FASHION designer (see?). Sooo, the blog will mostly talk about Fashion. Bear with that, people! *snap! snap!*

I guess it's enough for a greetings section. I'll post others later. So stay tune! Voila!